Wednesday, November 24, 2010

today i am thankful for..

this is my last thankful list before thanksgiving. i am so excited for thanksgiving. i get to extra time with my sweetie and we get to have my brother and his family over for a couple of days. looking forward to good food and good times with good people. also, i think we might try to sneak to harry potter on saturday- eek!

1) food that i can put on my table...namely a turkey
2) a warm home...even though it doesn't get very cold here, i am grateful for our heater :)
3) family that lives close enough that we can spend special occasions together
4) my comfortable bed...i think i may go lay in it right now :)
5) oatmeal chocolate chip pie (recipe to follow)
6) my cell phone and the interweb, because they allow me to stay connected while away from loved ones
7) i am very grateful for my daughter's sleeping habits. she is such a good sleeper and it allows me to get the rest i need.
8) i know i have said this before, but bryan's hard work is something i am so grateful for. also, his compliments...even when i know i don't always deserve them.
9) my set of calphalon non-stick cookware. making my like so much easier.
10) i am so grateful for my savior and for His sacrifice.

may we all be so so grateful for what we are and what we have been blessed with.

xoxo/ emily

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