Tuesday, May 19, 2009

caplet featured on stylemed

my caplet was featured on stylemed blog! check it out here! thank you tim irving.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

miss tara pierce

i took some pictures for tara's graduation announcements! here are some of them! congrats tara.

also, in photo news...i will be posting a few more of paige and mike in the next week. stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

featured in a blog!

my new friend eve featured me on her blog! we traded some of our goods at the beehive bazaar. i got an adorable doll and a watch/bracelet for my p. she is showing one of my cuffs. i have not listed these in the shop yet, but i plan to in the next week or so if you want one let me know. thank you eve!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mothers' day

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM & TAMI!!! you are wonderful mothers to me and bryan.

***WARNING***tami, if you read this it may spoil your present, because i'm posting pictures below.

bryan made me breakfast in bed and it was delicious. he gave me 2 necklaces that we picked up at the beehive bazaar and a FRUIT DEHYDRATOR! yay! i've seriously wanted a fruit dryer for a long time. i'm excited to make dried fruit and fruit leather. i'm buying some apples, bananas and mangos first thing on monday.

we got to talk to phil in sweden today!!! i love that kid so much. he is such a great missionary and he makes me proud to be his big seester. church was pretty exhausting, because penelope hadn't napped very well. we went to my grandma and grandpa's house out in payson. it was really good to visit with them, it's been a while.
4 generation pic

i made these aprons out of the simplicity apron pattern (#?) i adjusted it quite a lot and i think i have some improvements for the next time i attempt, but i think they turned out. i made one for myself for penelope to give me...ha ha!

oh ya and bryan taught penny how to blow dandy lion seeds all over grandma's lawn. a lesson that ended with penny eating the seeds!

mommy & me at the hogal zoo

on saturday bryan and i took penny to the zoo. it happened to be "mommy and me" day and we got $7 entrance and a free shirt. they also had a ton of fun free events, but we made our way up there a little late and missed out on some of the swag. it was a beautiful day! penelope really liked the birds and the monkeys.
penny checked out some penguins building a nest, while the penguins behind her were putting on a show!

she thought the orangutan was pretty cool too...he really performed for us. she growled at a lot of the animals and ran away from bryan and me everytime she could.

there was a great big elephant sculpture with tribal-like carvings on its side. it would make sweet elephant sounds when you stepped on the elephant footsteps. bryan and penelope really liked it.


her favorite thing was this huge granite ball in a pool of water. the ball could turn when you pushed it. penelope would not let us tear her away from it...and when we finally did it was a VERY sad experience. i think she will like the zoo even more next year.

Monday, May 4, 2009

featured on progressive pioneer!

i'm being featured on progressive pioneer. they will be featuring different vendors from the beehive bazaar all week, so check them out! also, i will be doing a givaway there a little later in the year! so, keep checking in.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

my people

i love these two! i am so grateful for my wonderful husband and my beautiful daughter.they brighten my day and are my no.1 source of happiness... they are my favorites!

beehive bazaar spring '09

well the beehive bazaar has ended! this was the first market/festival that i've participated in, and i learned a lot. i've been a little stressed this last little while coming up with things to complement my scarves and finding a good way to display my products. i was lucky and found a table i could use and fit in my car at the great di! i also picked up some suitcases and a coat rack. bryan helped my laser cut a sign and he mounted some photos on foam core for me. we set it up and i thought it looked GREAT! i went to take a picture and my camera card was not to be found...so i had to take the photo on day 2 after i was practically cleaned out. i thought i had made enough stuff, but i was crocheting like a mad person for all of friday and saturday to restock. the beehive bazaar was an incredibly good experience and i will definitely apply to participate in the fall/winter bazaar.

below are some pictures of some of my new items (most will be in my shop click here to check it out) and my display!

looped scarf
crocheted cuff

crocheted earrings

adult headbands

fanned satchel

crocheted earrings

blooming brooch

baby headbands

my display at the bazaar