Sunday, November 14, 2010

15 weeks and my maternity must haves

i am 15 weeks pregnant today. i am really going to try to not turn my blog into a pregnancy centered blog for the next 25ish weeks, but i thought a once a week update would not be too excessive. i have very little to report this week. things have been going smoothly, so that is good. baby sparks is about 4 1/2 inches long and weighs about 2 1/2 ounces. we could probably find out the sex now, if we were to go in and check(this was how far along we were with p when we found out she was a girly.) we have an appointment/ultrasound this week, but dr. b assured me that we would not be checking out the babe...sad face. i will let you know how that goes. i am super excited to find out if this one is going to be a b or a g...but we won't find out for a few more weeks. in the meantime i am enjoying my new energy, keeping busy with p and the shop, bugging bryan about finding baby names we both like and trying to eat well.

i took very few pictures while pregnant with p and i regret it. so every few weeks i will do little bump update. here i am at 15 weeks. 


i wanted to share a few of my maternity must-haves. these are things that i loved during pregnancy #1 and i am finding them just as handy now. i may update this list in the future months... but here it is for the time being.

for my tummy
i was able to avoid stretch marks with penelope and i am hoping that i can this time around. these are the 2 products i use daily on the tum. i use the oil at night and the cocoa butter in the A.M..

for the P.M.
i don't like taking too many medications while pregnant, but unisom is one i cannot live with out. i have a SUPER hard time sleeping while pregnant. i am a big time stomach sleeper and sleeping on my side is never very successful. so, i use this once or twice a week to help catch up on the zs.
for the wardrobe
i love my belly bands. i used them through my first pregnancy and now they are even more essential, because i am...well..bigger. many of my pants are not fitting and the belly bands allow me to wear my favorite jeans even though i am too fat to button or zip them up all the way...yikes.




  1. Emily, you are so STINKIN' cute. I LOVE the picture.

  2. You are adorable! And that bump is pretty're a skinny mama!


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