Tuesday, May 25, 2010

thinking about

i have a bunch af new pics and stories to share about our visit to utah thus far, but i can't seem to get the pictures off my little seester's point and shoot that i borrowed in lieu of my forgetting my own camera (grrrr...this fact won't surprise those of you who know me. i ALWAYS FORGET THAT THING.) until i can share my personal stuff, i will show the things i am loving &/or lusting after these days.
i kind of want to recover my couch with yellow checks. i recently found this bantam couch onf design within reach & i am sort of obsessed with this couch. the good thing is that my couch looks a bit like it. we recently replaced the feet on our couch with a skinnier style... not as skinny as the ones on this couch (bryan said they wouldn't look good, because they would be too skinny for the couch and now i am shaking my fist at him.)

isn't this a lovely pouf? i would like to make a couple for sitting on in my front room...or maybe one for p's room....hmmm. find the tutorial here on design sponge.

i've been thinking about buying & i have decided that i may not be able to live without one. i have really been wanting to work with instant film lately. this fuji film instax camera can be found here.

i dont' know if anyone else is obsessed with jcrew's crewcuts, but i think they are so sweet. i may try my hand at making a dress similar to this for p.

more cute crew cuts looks.


Friday, May 21, 2010

summer treats

here are 2 cold treats i heart and i will surely be buying them plenty through out the summer months. i would buy them right now, but utah has no access to these yummy things :(!

1 it's it
these delicious ice cream sandwiches are available in most california grocery stores. they use oatmeal cookies to make an ice cream sandwich using vanilla or mint chip ice cream & then they dip the whole thing in chocolate. i LOVE these. they have such a great mixture of flavors & give me a much needed chocolate fix

2 fruit frenzy bars from trader joe's
these are so tasty. they are frozen fruit bars with raspberry, lemon & strawberry layers. i can't get enough of these...i always buy 2 boxes when i get them. mmmm.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

wild things

have you met the wild things that live in our home?

these make reading the book way more fun! "let the wild rumpus start!"


Monday, May 17, 2010

we are on our way back to the beehive

tomorrow we (P & I) are leaving for the beehive state for 3 weeks. there are a few reasons for this trip, the # 1 being this guy!

my little brother philip will be returning from a two year mission in stokholm sweden aaand he will be back on the 28th! i seriously can't tell you how excited i am about seeing him and hearing all of his amazing stories from the last 2 years. phil is the coolest guy!

this is what penelope looked like when he left.. AHHHHH!

#2 reason...it seems that timpview high school has found this kid OK to graduate, so i think we'll hit that up. zach is also super cool, maybe less cool than phil... ANYWAY, he was the senior class vp and is going to BYU next year. rock on zach & be excellent to each other...


reason # 3 bryan's mom had made quilt tops for all of her kiddos, but had not gotten the chance to bind & tie them before she passed away. Tami & i & hopefully bryan's sister's will finish them up. i think it will be very special to have something christy made in our home.

reason #4 the bijou market...whoot whoot! come on out on june 5th in orem, ut!

reason #5 to play and visit with cool people...i really don't need another reason. hopefully i can still get some work done...for the renegade.

i will be out of the office (err...my apartment,) but i still plan to blog. it may be few & far between though. thanks for the patience, xoxo.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

my yw

in my ward i am called to serve the young women! aren't they cute.

we made some hair accessories on thursday night & had a blast. i loved watching each of the girls create their own clip or headband in a style unique to them. each young woman is so different and beautiful in their own way. they inspired each other and really came up with some fun designs.

we talked about talents. we discussed how you can't multiply your talents if you don't put them to use & share them with others. i am grateful for them for sharing their individual talents with us as a group. i learn so much from these young ladies and the leaders i serve with.


Friday, May 14, 2010

2 new chairs

we got this adorable desk from bryan's dad. bryan used it when he was just a boy and i am excited that our kids can use the very same desk. i think we may paint the metal a different color, but we are still thinking about it. i am SO happy to have a desk that p can sit at and color, eat snacks & do other projects on besides our dining table & bar.

we also ordered one of these beauts from caitlin creer. Charles eames has been bryan's favorite chair designers for sometime. last year i came really close to getting bry an eames LCM for his birthday, but chickened out at the check out. eventually i want to get us a legit eames chair, BUT immitation's will do fine for now. yay! we love it. i just need to figure out where to put it. we are working on figuring out p's room & when that is done i think i will move the desk or rocker into her room.


grilled turkey pesto sandwich

we ate this sandwich for dinner last night & i LOVE this sandwich. i thought i would share how it is made with you.

you need:
spinach- optional (i don't put spinach on bryan's, cuz he's a baby.)
Italian bread ( i use trader joe's tuscan pane.)

heat up your griddle to medium heat.
take a slice of bread, lightly butter one side & spread pesto on the other side
place it on the griddle butter side down
sprinkle feta & moz. on the pesto
next place your turkey, tomatoes & spinach
now butter one side of another piece of bread, spread pesto on the other side and place it on the top of your sandwich-butter side up.
flip your sandwich and cook until turkey is heated through and cheese is melted.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

felt rosette clip diy

here is a little DIY i did with my Young Women's group.

you need:

wool felt (i bought green & mustard yellow for demo)
alligator clip
glue gun

step 1: cut 1 piece of felt 1" wide & 18" long.

step 2: tie a knot at one end of the strip

step 3: fold the strip in half

step 4: tuck the end piece of the knot under and start wrapping the folded in half strip around the knot.

*as you work around twist your strip around every now and then.
** also, keep your rosette TIGHT as you wrap it.

step 5: when you have finished with the rosette, tack the end piece under with a bit of hot glue.

step 6: cut leaves-i usually cut one piece that has 2 leaves.

step 7: cut a slit in the leaves, open the mouth of your clip & stick the bottom of the clip in the slit. this will make it so that the clip top and the pinchers are on top of your clip and the bottom of the clip is hidden.

i messed up and did 2 separate leaves for this, but you can cut them both with 1 piece.

step 8: hot glue the rosette onto the bottom of the leaves & clip.

ahh, cute!
the end


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

penelope's summer threads

here are some new additions to p's wardrobe for summer.

we picked up a couple of summer dresses at american apparel. i think they are so sweet.

we picked her up a new pair of kicks. her old high tops are a wee bit small, so we replaced them with these babies.

i also think i will make her a few more of these mommy-made bloomers.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

shop closing 5/17-6/12

if you were thinking of getting anything from the shop between now and june 12th, then you should act now. the shop will be closed from may 17th to june 12th. thank you!


my mother's day gift

i am wearing them now! thank you bryan & pen! xoxoxo


Monday, May 10, 2010

id necklace for p

here is a necklace i made for my little girl. p LOVES having her own jewelry and i like the idea of her having a necklace with her name on it. i just love this stamping set.

p with her new bling.