Friday, July 30, 2010

and we're off

photograph from

i am going on a road trip with my little family to utah. we are going out to see bryan's step-brother, kyle, get married to a sweet chick named kelsey! we are excited for this. i love, love, love weddings. i am wearing the skirt i made and a shirt i embellished...which i am excited to show you a picture of. we are, also, excited to see family and have a bit of downtime. i am bringing my camera this time, so hopefully i can get some good pictures to share with you.

i will try to keep posting. my plan to show some collages i made in college isn't going to work...just like my scanner. i will figure something out...but in the meantime... have a kickin' weekend! xoxo

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my weekend

one of my cute customers

wow, what a weekend! we had a great couple of days up at the renegade craft fair. i was so excited to be a part of this event. ever since i went to the renegade craft fair last summer in brooklyn, i've been wanting to be a vendor at one of their events.

after months of preperation and stressing, we packed up and went to LA. i shared a booth with susan and scored one of her SWEET bow bags and an adorable stripped skirt for p. myleka came to help out and i am SO greatful for her and her company. we (me, myleka, susan & susan's posse) had some good (maybe a bit sun-baked) conversations. the days were very warm, even while sitting in the shade.

bryan entertained penelope and helped out more than i can say. thank you bryan. penelope was a gem too! our neighbor alex from rabbit stopit gave her a petite giraffe for being so good. thank you alex! ps i REALLY want a giraffe growth pretty.

we had a great turn out. there where a lot of people buzzing around, enjoying the handmade goodness. AND YES we did see a celebrity there... ask susan about it.

i got to meet and traded with some AMAZING vendors. i met rubyellen of one of my favorite blogs, my cakies, and got some sweet crowns and a cameo clip i plan to wear to bryan's brother's wedding next week. i met kimberly and lusted after her beautiful cross-stitched goodness (definitely getting some in the future.) i also got a rad sweatshirt from kandace at mnkr. i also got to chat with eva jorgenson of sycamore street press and realized that as a young printmaker at BYU i would buy paper from eva working in the paper stock room - crazy connection.

it was a good weekend, allbiet very tiring. hope you were able to stop by!

we are going on vacation next week and i have many a gift to make, so i must get to work.

Monday, July 26, 2010


photo by Eva Jorgensen

my earrings were on poppytalk today! i LOVE this blog and i was so excited to be included in a renegade craft fair review done by Eva Jorgensen of Sycamore Street Press.

the fair was great fun and i am excited to share some pictures of the booth a shared with susan and the excitement that was renegade craft fair!

Friday, July 23, 2010

renegade craft fair

we are off to the renegade craft fair! if you live in california, please come and stop by. it is sure to be a great time. they have crafts for kids and music and food and many great vendors. i think we may also hit up sprinkles or another cupcakery in LA. any suggestions?

it has been a goal of mine to participate in renegade and so, i am excited to be there livin' the dream. i am excited to share with you the pictures and experiences next week. wish us luck!

here are some of the things i am excited about:

i am excited to be sharing a booth with susan of freshly picked and to be near her beautiful stuff for 2 full days

sycamore street press-excited to see all of their goodness

this chevron key hook by timber!
beautiful mobiles by baraka inc

a cupcake at ticings

i am obsessing about this rebe diaper bag

nan lawson poster

have a swell weekend! xoxo


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i may be going bonkers

to whom it may concern:

i may have lost my mind! i am not sure where it went, but if you find it...please keep it safe until after the renegade craft fair is over. otherwise i may loose it again.

emily sparks

but seriously...i am excited about this upcoming event. i have not done a craft fair like it (in that i am manning my own booth accepting money and all that) to date. i am excited to learn, but i am also a bit nervous. i think it will be a BLAST and hopefully it is a wee bit profitable as well. there will be so many amazing vendors there and it will be a challenge staying at my own booth.

i am planning to make a little wish list of things that i would like to purchase and vendors i will hope to check out. i think i should be able to post that on thursday-keep an eye out for that. after that post, there will be static on this blog until next week. hopefully i will have some good finds and pictures from the event to share with you.

here are a few things i have been preparing for the weekend.

granny square coasters

hot pads

and last of all i made a table cloth for my new (more stable) table.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bowed skirt

i made this elastic waist skirt for my brother-in-law's wedding. we are supposed to wear a black skirt and white or blue shirt. i am still working on my shirt, but i wore the skirt to church and i love it. i REALLY love pockets. i used susan's tutorial found here, the pockets were way easier than i thought they would be. the whole skirt took less than an hour to make. i used 3" elastic instead of the 2" and i made a long sash to make a bow in the front, so it hides the elastic.

in this pic i am wearing it with my new shirt from the anthropologie clearance rack...loving the stripes.

penelope really wanted in on the photoshoot. so here she is...


Monday, July 19, 2010

some penelope news

penelope has been into pretending she is asleep. she gets a pillow and blanket and fakes that she is asleep. i think this is hilarious, because she adds snoring noises and everything, but WON'T close her eyes all the way. she looks a little like she is scowling and snoring at you.

also, isn't she soo cute in her headband that she REFUSES to wear unless bribed with candy....wait!?!? i don't bribe my daughter with candy...


Saturday, July 17, 2010

con pane

if you are in san diego or come to visit anytime i would definitely recommend trying con pane.

bryan is craving the rosemary/olive oil bread and i am craving their chocolate rolls. their cinnnimon rolls are oh so tasty and i hear that their sandwiches are not to be missed. we will definitely make this shop a regular.

also, they only accept cash, so go prepared with cash and an empty tummy.

Friday, July 16, 2010

this week: the sun, the sick & 26

this week has flown by.

the sun came out this week and it really warmed up the west coast. we have done really well with no a/c, just a ceiling fan for circulation up to this point. we live close enough to the ocean that no one in our area has air conditioning. but the heat has really turned up and we have decided that we need to go buy a fan or 3... in the meantime i am trying to brainstorm some dinner ideas taht require minimal cooking/oven. any ideas?

i am thinking about using my new ikea popsicle molds this weekend. check out some of these fun recipes on ohdeedoh.

we went to the beach for a corn roast which was delish! thank you ashlee & fam.

we have been swimming at our pool 2x.

i went up to girls camp to enjoy some time with my young women...they put on quite the skit night.

i have been sick...i got the cold that penelope had last week. so, that has been a bit of a bummer. i haven't felt a whole lot like doing anything, but i have persevered. my work, however, has slowed down and i am worried about being ready for renegade. if all my ideas work out, it should be pretty amazing.

in other news... it was my birthday on wednesday. i tuned 26. i don't have a lot to say about that. i did get some rockin' gifts like this Cuisinart ice cream maker...which i am STOKED about . i will for sure be making some Delicious frozen treats this weekend.

i also, got some great non-stick pans that will be used daily, i am sure.

on my birthday P & i got together with my friends ashlee, tira and their boys for a adventure. ashlee made yummy pizzas and tira made amazing was good eating in the miller house. we made camera straps...mine needs a little embroidery, but tira's has this picture posted on her blog.

didn't tira's turn out CUTE!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

growth charts

a while back i got some ikea fabric with a tree design on it with the intention of making a growth chart. we would chart penelope's growth on the chart and when we move, we can take it with us. i have been busy, so that project is on the back burner. i am still planning on it, but i thought i would share a couple ADORABLE growth charts that are out there.

i love the vintage bicycles on this vinyl wall hanging by giraffes and stuff
this over sized ruler is on sale now at pottery barn kids

this vinyl decal is designed by simple shapes.

this is a shot of the fabric i have...can't wait to finish it up and show it to you:)!