Friday, November 27, 2009

i heart spark!

it has been a while since i went to spark and did a little show and telling! i was SO sad that i wasn't able to stay for saturday's events (i had to get everything going for the bijou market,) but from what i experienced on friday it was a truly great happening. i met so many great artists! the ladies in charge really did an amazing job making each activity creative and fun, they put so much work into it and i am excited to see the future of the event.

the swag bag was full of wonderful freebies! new scissors and papers and stamps and so much more.

here are some pictures of the set up and my table.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

welcome to the family Graham

bryan's little sister tanya and her hubby nelson welcomed a new addition to their family! they decided to have a c. section because of some medical difficulties and i am sure she is glad she didn't have to deliver a 9lb baby naturally..ha ha! he is SO cute, congrats tanya and nelson! HERE HE IS:

Graham Gerald Strong
born November 12, 2009
9lbs, 20in.

penelope found baby graham's eyes right away!

here is grandma tami with the baby for the first time. only kerry got to go see baby graham in the hospital, because the hospital only allowed 2 visitors, so they asked the 2 grandpa's to come.

i made him this crib/play quilt! i got the pattern out of amy butler's little stitches...the book i get SO many great baby patterns. it was my very first quilt and i machine quilted it myself. it was quite a learning experience and i am sure my next quilting experience will be better! i think it turned out cute, but it does have a number of flaws...


Monday, November 23, 2009


i am so, so, SO EXCITED!!! last night the real salt lake soccer team defeated the LA Galaxy in a shoot out. i nearly cried. we were the under dogs and we won. it was an incredibly stressful game, but we won and we now have the MLS CUP!!! wow!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

i heart the it crowd

the it crowd is the greatest show!!! i love it. every time i watch it i lough so hard that i cry. it is about a socially awkward I.T. department for a brittish company. it can be watched on netflix if you are a member. you can find some golden clips at you tube. like the "This, Jen, is the internet." clip. chris and myleka introduced us to this show and i am so happy they did.

watch it. it is worth it.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

my fam

we had jefra take our family pictures. i think they turned out great! here is a sneak peek! she has even MORE here.

tah dah!

my sweet penelope

i can't even believe penelope is 19 months old. she is so curious and so busy. she is learning SO much. i feel like she is learning new words every day. her dancing makes me smile and her laugh makes me MELT! she is my FAVORITE....

some of her funnys:

she used to call bryan daddy, and then she called him doggy, and now she calls him bryan.

when she wants you to leave so that she can do something naughty she says, "bye" and then she blows you kisses.
she loves to go on drives in the "caa" (a
lways said while signing the work car VERY vigorously --pretending to steer the steering wheel.)

she likes to stand on the couch and say "one," "two" and then she falls, trust-fall style, on the couch. she also likes to jump on the bed and i wish she knew the 10 little monkeys song...

when you are on the phone she pretends to be on the phone too...but louder....always louder.

and here she is:

here are a few of just us 2...bryan is still the hottest boy i know! i think he is super handsome in these pics. i think he wishes he had more time to grow out the hair...but byu doesn't agree. ps bry graduates in december!!! wahoo!!!

he doesn't like this one cuz he thinks he looks like he is in a daze....but this is MY blog and i get to pick the pictures and i say it is cute.


come out saturday

bijou market is this saturday!!!!
come out and see the goodness
501 n 900 e

(across from gold's gym)


Monday, November 2, 2009

halloween pictures!!!

here are some pictures i took on Halloween. i made up penny's boo costume and megan's masquerader costume! i learned that i have a lot to learn about sewing... but it was a lot of fun. it was a fantastic day we ate homemade spudnuts and apple fritters and went trick or treated. penelope had a blast!

the beautiful megan

the adorable penelope!

they paraded at megan's elementary school

we went to pumpkin land in orem and had fun at the petting zoo, maze and pumpkin patch!