Monday, November 22, 2010

16 week update and some sewing i may have to do

one more week down. i am now 16 weeks and feeling good. i am really liking the energy that i've been having the last couple of weeks. the most exciting thing this week is that i've started to feel the baby move! i have felt the baby move a few times a day for the past few days and i am so in love with the feeling. after Penelope was born, my ribs were sore for weeks, because of all her kicking.  i probably would have paid her to cut it out. maybe in a few months i won't be as excited about this, but right now i am over the moon. i went to Dr. B on Thursday. our baby's heat beat is 140 (old wives tales say that if the heat beat is  above 140, it's a girl and below it is a boy... i guess the baby doesn't want to give me any hints.) we did an ultrasound, but it was just to check on some measurements on me (i have a strange uterus and so they are keeping an eye on me and the baby to make sure things are the way they should be.) i DID get to see the babe...briefly. i saw the head and the spine and i just can't believe how fast a baby grows from a little jumping bean into a little person. it was fantastic.

also, i found out that i no longer have ANY desire to eat bbqued ANYTHING...especially if it is from phil's bbq! i went to phil's a couple of times very early in the pregnancy and it must not have sat well with my tum. now even the smell of barbecue sauce shuts me down. hopefully this passes.

i didn't take a belly shot this week, but i am going to show you a sneak peek of some out takes for out Christmas cards. i am excited to see this project take shape.

here are a couple of tutorials i am thinking about doing. i doubt i will get around to these before christmas, but we will see. i feel pretty good about my current wardrobe, but i am interested in making a few fun items and doing things to make my current wardrobe last as long as possible. i am not very interested in slicing and dicing my regular pants and turning them into maternity pants, but there are a lot of great tutorials for this. maybe as a get bigger, this option will be more appealing to me. i am also interested in making/ purchasing things that can be good pregnant or not, so tunics with more body get two thumbs up! also, knits. i will be sure to give you updates on any projects i've done and tips i have found useful.

this cute maternity...or not frock by i am thinking i could make two, one the length shown and one knee length.

i might just need another belly band. here is a great tutorial for this.


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  1. Congratulations on your new lil' addition!!!!
    Love the pictures:)
    I heard that old wives tall too - Josh always had a high heart rate - so I really thought he was going to be a she. He still has a fast little heart beat!

    Happy Thanksgiving I hope you all have a great day:)


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