Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween 2012!

this year we settled on superhero costumes for halloween. i have to say that i wish i'd done these a little different. i do think the capes and the gold pants turned out cute and will be used again. i hope to get some better pictures outside this afternoon if it ever stops raining...

i am excited about tonight. we are going to eat chili, bread sticks and cupcakes while we watch a halloween movie. also, there will be trick or treating and  potentially a homemade donut party at a friend's house. yum!

in other halloween news:
1-we have some decorations, halloween decorations that is. we do have more, but i didn't take pictures of those.
2-we also painted pumpkins and i may post those later....
3- we got lost in a corn maze. we made it out....barely.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

river run

on saturday i ran the snohomish river run. i was sick, it was raining and chilly, but it was a good half marathon. i am so glad i did it. i haven't done a half marathon in over 3 years, so i am proud of myself for achieving this goal. i'm grateful for bryan and the girls for coming and cheering me...even in the rain! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

100 bottles of ROOT BEER on the wall

after driving past the root beer store again and again, we just had to go in and see what this place is about. i think you can's a whole lot of root beer. now, i'm not a huge soda drinker, but i do like root beer from time to time with my pizza (aka my life staff of life). this store has an amazing amount of root beer. i had no idea how many brands of root beer exitsted before entering the root beer store. with both the whites and the sparks we went to and got a different selection of root beer (i'm not going to lie, i made my choices solely on the cuteness of the bottle). we went home and let the taste testing begin. my favorites so far are route 66 and fitz's. cheers to root beer!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

give thanks

my mother in law, tami, brought this craft with her when she came to visit. she'd stained and cut the blocks and made all the vynal lettering. all i had to do was pick out papers and modge podge them to the blocks. it was fun and i think it turned out cute. i am excited to add it to my thanksgiving decor. thanks tami.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the sparks visit

we were so fortunate as to have kerry and tami sparks and tanner lemmon visit us this last weekend. it was too short. we loved having them here. kerry helped bryan install the sink and toilet in the powder room and they look fantastic. we had previously stripped the wall paper, painted and bryan installed new hardwood flooring. i will tell you more about our home updates later. also, there has been the heaviest tv in the universe upstairs in our room since we moved in. bryan and his dad moved that sucker. wahoo. now we have the heaviest tv in the universe in our garage. progress, right?

i was really clever and ran 9 miles right befor we went to pikes place market. so, i spent my day not trying to collapse on my sore knees (getting old is the pits). we went to the seattle aqaurium for the first time ever. i just love aquariums and this one was a great aquarium. after that we ate fish at ivar's. i really do love seattle.

we also had some chill time. we had a root beer tasting contest (including 9 varieties of root beer), we struggled through another sad BYU game, we watched movies and chatted.

thanks tami, kerry and tanner for making the trip. you will be missed.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The white's visit

my parent and little sister cam for a visit a couple of weeks ago. we went to pikes place. i really like pikes, so i have no problem going there with all our guests. this time we went to pike place chowder-amazing. don't try their crab roll, the chowder is where it's at. i could eat any of their chowders all day any day and i'm not a huge soup fan.

we had a picnic and played at carkeek park. i like to say that, "carkeek." it is a beautiful park on the puget sound. found many shells, skipped rocks, watched the train and had a grand time.

 penelope really enjoyed this giant yellow swing and isla really enjoyed eating an oreo, the proof of which is all over her face.

 the beautiful megan was enjoying the great northwest for the first time (i'm not counting her visit when she was probably isla's age).

 we also struggled through a pretty sad BYU game. ate at burger master and pomegranate bistro. i loved having them visit. i was starting to get a little lonely out here. thank you mom, dad and megan for making the trip.

Monday, October 22, 2012

fall wreath

oh look, here is a wreath i made. i put it outside our front door, conveniently placed over the doorbell. i used lion brand wool ease thick and quick yarn. it was a quick job. i used the yarn wrapping technique i used in the second grade to make a yarn wrapped hanger for my mom. do you still have that hanger, mom?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

tiny dancer

every monday penelope has dance class. she wears her dancing clothes all day because they make her, "look beautiful."