Wednesday, April 25, 2012


i may be a sporadic blogger for the next few weeks because, we are moving. this is a bittersweet move. we really love san diego. you can't beat living close to the beach with perfect weather all year AND to top it off we have good friends here and family close. it is sad to be leaving, but on the flip side bryan was offered a really great position designing for Microsoft.  i am so proud of bryan. he has worked so hard and done well. we are excited about this opportunity, so we are taking the leap and moving to the seattle area.

i am currently trying to prepare to move. the movers are going to do some of the packing for me, but i don't want them to do it all... i have been packing and cleaning.

things will be crazy here in the sparks house for a while i imagine. i am not sure when we will be settled, but when we are i will share pictures of our new digs with you.

only one of these children want to be in the pack and play...

Monday, April 16, 2012

a late goodbye to penny

penelope's best friend penny moved away a couple of weeks ago. 
it was so sad. 
these two were so cute together. 
bryan and i really love the attkinson family. 
it way sad to see them leave, but they relocated to utah and we go there once in a while.
p now has a pen pal!

Friday, April 13, 2012


i did a custom "happy love day!" banner. it was too big to get all in one picture...oh, well. 
i also made a "love" banner and a "happy birthday!" banner for us. 
here they are.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


last week we had the sparks come and visit.
tanner brought his friend tyler.
we went to sea world,
the beach,
and the harbor.
penelope was attached to 'papa'.
the. whole. time.
isla was a little was so great to have them come and visit. it's always nice to chat and catch up with family.


coronado beach

 on the uss midway

 harbor cruise!
thank you tami, kerry, tanner and tyler for all the fun!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

isla is 11 months

here's my eleven month old.

isla is cruising around furniture like a champ. 
she is mom's little helper...or wrecker (depending on how positive my attitude is).
she likes to pretend to talk on the phone. 
she is a total mama's girl.
she says 'mama' and 'dada'- i am pretty sure 'dada' means dad, but i think 'mama' means help.
isla loves playing and giggling with her big sister. 
she loves to climb onto things.
her favorite thing is to take things out of a box or a bag and then put them back in. 
she will spend forever trying to dress herself, but she simply can't lay still for mom to dress her or change her diaper...
she got in her 1 yr molars.
she is eating like a champ and i think i'm going to stop nursing her this month.

hello, danger!
not only is she untying her booties, but now she's trying to stand in her rocking chair. next month we will see what she comes up with to ruin add excitement to the shoot.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

happy easter

i hope you all had a HAPPY EASTER....sorry i'm a few days late. 
we went to church and enjoyed celebrating christ with our ward family. 
we ate lamb, creamy garlic potatoes, spinach strawberry salad and lava cakes.
we watches some of these amazing bible videos. 
it was lovely. 

the girls in their easter garb.
 i'm slowly learning how to french braid.
my baby is growing up so fast! this is a little dress i made and underneath is the cutest pair of bloomers a girl could wear.
 we are enjoying having my beautiful sister with us for a few days. here she is with my girls.

Monday, April 9, 2012

penelope is 4!

we have a lot of catching up around here. things have been crazy and i have put blogging on the back burner. i have a secret that i will share in a few days, hopefully, that will clarify why i've been so...absent.
on saturday we celebrated my girls 4th birthday. it really doesn't feel that long ago my little p was a baby in my arms. alas, the time has gone by and i find myself with a sweet, smart and beautiful four year-old. wow!


bryan and i decorated with streamers and this banner i made a couple of weeks ago.
p really wanted these hats, because they were like the one that mr. bean wears on his teddy bears birthday. yes, we do watch mr. bean with p and she loves it. we also ate a yummy blueberry muffin birthday breakfast.
we went to our wards easter egg hunt in the morning. justin and anna met us there. 

after that party we went on to our own little party. p opened her gifts, we played games and went to the park. it was a really nice afternoon.
penelope really wanted to go to ikea for dinner (she's obsessed with the meatballs?!?). after dinner we went home for some strawberry cake. ps i am loving that strawberry season is starting!

 happy birthday penelope!