Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kiddie Apron Tutorial

Aprons are useful things, especially when you have kids. Penelope is an artist and a chef and her apron collection has saved her cloths countless times. Isla makes good use of them too. for Penelope's 5th Birthday party i made an apron for each of the kids attending. i thought i would share my patten/process with you if you have toddlers and/or young kids needing an apron. This apron pattern is for 2-6 year-olds, but it is super easy to size up for bigger kids.

Bias Tape (~3yds per apron)
Coordinating thread
Paper to build your pattern (newsprint or a paper bag work fine)
Heavy weight fabric (roughly 1/2 a yard per apron.)
Sewing machine

Step 1: Make Pattern
You can dive right in and use your fabric and not make a pattern, but if you want to make multiples a pattern helps. 

This will fit a 2-6 year old. If your child it tall, you can add a couple of inches to the bottom. Isla (2yrs) fits these. I just need to tie the neck loop up a little smaller for her.

-Cut your pattern piece into a rectangle 8"X 18"
-Measure over 3" from the top right corner and make a mark
-Measure up from the bottom left corner 10" and make a mark
-Draw your armhole from your first mark to your second curving more at the bottom and straightening out at the top

Step 2: Cut fabric
-Fold your fabric in half and pin your pattern to the fabric with the long straight edge on the fold.
-Cut out apron

Step 3: Hem top and bottom edges
-Fold top edge down 1/2" and then again another 1/2"
-Top stitch across fold
-Repeat process for the bottom of the apron

Step 4: Sew bias tape to sides
-Pin your bias tape to the sides of your apron, folding under at the bottom edge
-Topstitch your bias tape to the sides of your apron using zig-zag stitch. Back stitching at the top and bottom.
*Make sure the bias tape is securely fastened to your fabric. It is easy for the fabric to slip out while you are stitching. 
Step 5: Sew neck loop, arm & ties
Now we are going to apply the bias tape from one tie, up the arm, around the neck and down the other side.
 -Measure 18" of bias tape and pin it to the top of one of your bias tapped sides
-Pin bias tape along the curve for the arm
- Measure 17" bias tape for the neck loop (if you are making this for a smaller person you can make the loop 16"
-Pin bias tape along the other curve for the arm
-Make your last tie by measuring 18" of tape and cutting

-Now sew with a zig-zag stitch starting at the end of one tie, folding over the end 1/4", and working your way up around the neck and down the other side finishing with the tie, folding the end under 1/4"

ALL DONE. Now go and make a dozen, like i did...

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