Monday, November 1, 2010

happy halloween!

first, thank you for the sweet comments on the last post. you guys are the best! ok, here's the photo dump.

penelope the pirate! arrrr!

photo by bryan calo

i made penelope's shirt, hat, hook, eye patch and sash... we got the leggings at gap and the boots at h&m.
bryan dressed up as his shirt. i made the beard, i was going to make myself one too, but it took too long and i decided it wasn't worth it. 

penelope really LOVED trick or treating. we did a little round of trick or treating at bryan's work on Friday and then we did a little more that night at our ward's Halloween party.

pictures from trick or treating at bryan's work:

 the above 4 photos were taken by jen um

they'd set up a little mustache frame at bryan's co-worker's cubical. i thought it was genius.
on Halloween justin and anna and their boys came down from riverside and partied with us. we made my mom's donuts and some chili. bryan was my donut cooker and he did a great job. a couple of our neighbors asked if we would take p to their house for trick or treating. we decided a little trick or treating wouldn't hurt anybody.

trick or treating snap shots:

Halloween was so fun this year, because penelope really understood what was going on. she loved dressing up and seeing what the other kids were dressed up as. i LOVED it.

we are so grateful for all our friends and family! we have a great ward, bryan has a great job and our friends and family couldn't be better. we feel so blessed going into this holiday season.



  1. She is so cute. I bet she had a blast.

  2. Halloween is so much more fun when you're kid gets it! It was so funny to watch Charlotte running from house to house. It sounds like P was entertaining too! Congrats, again on the big announcement.


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