Monday, October 26, 2009

front page of etsy goodness

last tuesday my barley slouchy beret was on the front page of! i discovered this nifty website where you can check to see it you have graced the front page of etsy called craft cult.

and here is the front page collection

also, my sweet cousin erika found that my citron slouchy beret was on the "etsy finds" email! i had her forward me the email and here is a few of the items chosen with mine. SWEEEEETTTNESSS!

Friday, October 23, 2009

i heart firdays: letterpress calendars

i love printmaking...since it was my major i guess that is a good thing. However, one type of printing that i never learned well is letterpress. i am super sad about it, and hope to learn it soon. here are some beautiful etsy letterpress 2010 calendars that i am putting on my christmas list.

pistachio press puts out a beautiful wall calendar every year and here is 2010's

Monday, October 19, 2009

featured on pepermint blog

last week i was informed by brittni from paper 'n' stitch that i was featured on pepermint! this is a beautiful blog written in slovenian. here is the post, you can read it better with google translator.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


last week we were able to take a break from the everyday and were able to go up to the cliff lodge at snowbird. it was great to get out into the mountain air, go to oktoberfest, go to yoga, go to the zoo and RELAX!!! it was fabulous!
here we are with my bro at oktoberfest. my mom, seester, seester in law and i bought these SWEET knitted socks with soles!
p at the zoo

BABY ELEPHANT!! it was so cute! there were a lot of baby animals this time at the zoo--baby tigers, giraffe, elephant, monkeys and more i am sure.

mom & baby


Monday, October 5, 2009

spark the event

i am super excited about being a part of the show and tell portion of Spark. Spark is a creative workshop/event that will inspire the artist in you! tickets are still on sale on their website. it costs $300 and that includes 3 days jampacked with classes, speakers & workshops AND all the food and snacks you may want. SO, if you are busy November 6th & 7th, you should free up your schedule and GO!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

penelope and doggies

penelope has grown a GREAT love for "doggies!" we have been staying with my parents for the last little while. chris and myleka's two dogs, ginger and winifred, are staying with my parents too. so there are three dogs in the house with my parent's dog Tippy. when penny wakes up in the morning she gets excited to see the "doggies" and she ALWAYS says "hi" and "bye" to the dogs. she will also give them kisses and hugs. one of her favorite places to sit is in the dogs' beds.

i heart fridays: paper 'n' stitch

hey all! i am doing another paper 'n' stitch exhibit! i am really excited about it and i hope you are able to check it out. feel free to comment on any of the items in my shop! there are so many beautiful exhibitors, i feel lucky to be a part of it.