Monday, March 23, 2009

canyonlands 1/2 marathon weekend

this weekend we took a trip to moab for the canyonlands half marathon! on our way out of town we got to stop by and see baby ivan in the hospital...penny has a new cousin!

Ivan Erastus Swan | march 18th, 2009

baby ivan's gift from us. you can find the pattern on lion brand yarn's website! or click here

and here's the family minus their 19 mo. son Lincoln, who was home with grandma

here's a picture of penny and bryan in the hospital parking lot. she found some nifty handles for when she's riding on dad's shoulders.

we then got in the car, hopped on i15 south and drove after about an hour of driving we called my parents to ask directions and we realized that we should have exited onto another highway 45min ago. we decided to stay on i15 until scipio and then get onto i70. it took us 4 1/2 hours to get to green river where we were staying!!! we were both laughing that we didn't even think to ask directions BEFORE getting on the interstate. the drive home was much shorter...2 hours shorter!!! we (my mom, my brother zach and i) ran the race on saturday. it was a very hot day and the course had a lot of hills, so it was a very hard run. BUT it was gorgeous and very fun to run with my mom and lil' brother. we took a group picture at the end of the day, because someone (i'm not naming names) forgot to bring our camera to the finish line.

the rest of the day we spent in arches driving around and catchinga couple of the shorter hikes i got a coupleof pictures to share with you on my camera phone (WARNING: very low quality).

devil's garden
me with my penelope

grandpa white and megan giving p a ride

penny stretching out her legs on the slick rock

distant delicate arch
us with delicate arch in the distance

penny & bryan looking at delicate arch

penny with her daddy doing the work

balancing rock
here we are in front of balancing rock.

we drove home yesterday. it was a fun trip and we are glad to be back.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

featured on a blog!

bella blue designs featured one of the items in my shop on her blog! thank you christy! check it out here:

Friday, March 13, 2009

also i made a purse

i've blogged a lot more than usual today...but i remembered about this purse i made with some scrap fabric i had laying around. i've really liked using it the last week or so. it's big and that's the way i like 'em.
the inside has a zipper and 2 pockets.

penelope is 11 months...and a week

penelope turned 11 months last week. i've been a little bad at blogging, but i thought i'd catch you up on her even though it's late. penelope is getting so big. i'm loving every minute of being her mom. some of the funny things she's been up to are:

1 cheese smile: she's hade a cheesy smile for a while, but the last month she's really kicked it up a gear (as demonstrated by the above pictures.) she also laughs at people randomly ...if she's having fun, or is happy she'll give you a cheeser and then laugh.
2 dressing herself: she loves to put things on! i think it's hilarious, because she really can't do anything but put things around her i was working on something and i looked at her and she had her pants, my scarf, my necklace, her necklace and a stuffed frog i'm crocheting (attached to the ball of yarn) all around her neck. FUNNY!
3 standing & walking (sort of): she can stand solo for quite a while (5min+) now and she can take 5-6 steps, but usually doesn't like to.
4 reading books: when i read penny a book she reads and turns the pages too. it's a loud ordeal.
5 singing & dancing: when she hears music, wherever we are she will sing along and dance, which is head banging. it's just funny.

anyway, she is easily distracted, very active and loves to be with people.

our new old stuff

about a month ago we went up to roy and spent the night at tanya & nelson's house. it was a bunch of fun. we went antiquing & to a military surplus store. while antiquing i got penelope some crayons, circa 1958, for her bedroom. i thought the box was pretty cool, it comes complete with a SHARPENER! the set is mildly used, but complete and none of the crayons have been sharpened yet!
we also found a new camera to add to our little camera collection. bry and i have wanted a brownie for a while and we found one for a great price. it came with a flash, flashbulbs, 1 expired roll of film and the camera itself. we are excited to use it. i think i'll bust it out for penelope's one year bday!
here are our polaroids:

this one is the polaroid sx70. bryan's dad got this for his graduation...i think. he was nice enough to gift it to us. we are in the process of getting some film for it. poloroid stopped making it, but there is one manufacturer still.

and this one is the poloroid 363 supercolor. it takes the standard 600 film.

i also have a holga...which i think is broken, because the last few pictured i've taken with it haven't turned out. so, the next camera i would like to get is a pentax k1000. i used this camera in high school and in london in '05. my dad has been generous to let me use his, but i really would like one for myself:)

at the army surplus store i picked up some scrap leather... here's a peek of one of my projects for p's birthday.
if they turn out well, i will do a tutorial. i'm working on a couple of free patterns to post...hopefully i can get them up on the blog soon.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the beehive bazaar

i will be participating in the beehive bazaar this spring. i'm so excited that i get to be a part of this event. all goods sold will be handmade and are garenteed to be unique and well made! it will be from april 30th-may 2nd at the provo womens' center 310 west 500 north. check out the website for more info. i plan to post some items that i will be selling at the bazaar at a later date.... come check it out!