Monday, November 29, 2010

thanksgiving and a weekend update

we are almost done decorating here at the sparks' house. i am loving my tree and i have made a few things for it, so of course i will need to show those off. my next couple of posts will be christmas tree related. yay!


we had a fabulous thanksgiving. bryan and i had my brother justin and his wife anna and their 2 cute boys to our house for the feast. we made our first turkey, it turned out great! i was pretty nervous about the whole situation...but i feel stronger having persevered (being sarcastic.) i made a rosemary rub and basted it with an apple juice/butter. we did have a mishap or my new tablecloth being way too we used the one anna brought, which was also too short, and we put down brown paper for P and J to color time i will work on having prettier table decorations...

we played cards, made food, watched modern family (after the kids went to sleep,) and just partied pretty hard. :) it was good times. it is so nice to have family close for occasions like this. i love thanksgiving, but it just wouldn't be the same without family. i am so grateful for family.

friday and saturday were also great. we mainly relaxed, but we did get to the new harry potter on saturday. the cliff hanger is STILL killing me. i have read the books, but i just can't wait for the next movie. i definitely wouldn't take a young child to this one...

it was anna's birthday on the 23rd, so i made her a necklace. here it is...


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