Wednesday, September 26, 2012


i hate things unfinished. i like to think of myself as a finisher. i may not win the race, mind you, but i finish. i have a million and a half started projects that need finishing and i'm going loco! some things take time. i know that. my bathrooms and kitchen are all in a state of unfinished. we've removed the wallpaper, but we're waiting on painting until we're ready to replace the toilets and what not. i have some crochet, knit and sewing projects that need some time too. i hope to show you some finished projects soon! until then, here are two yarn ditties i'm working on.

Monday, September 24, 2012

yarn wrapped

did you have a good weekend? i did. i spoke in church, which is an experience i honestly would be fine not having... i made it out alive. we had lunch on sunday with our friends austin & laura. it was super delish. we went to zeeks pizza. the salad and the pizza all got top scores from me and i am picky about my pizza. for dessert we went to top pot. it was their grand opening in redmond, so the selection was low, but we loved this place. good food, good friends two, two of my favorite things.

i wrapped some letters that i bought at jo-ann's a while back. i just used some scrap cotton yarn i had laying around. i think they turned out. cute. i know that the "EAT" sign is everywhere these days, but i don't care. i like it. i bought a wreath form to make a fall wreath. i WAS going to yarn wrap that as well, but i think i might be going a little overboard. i make a bunch of yarn pom poms and glue them to the wreath form will people think i'm a yarn freak? i guess i kind of am...

Monday, September 17, 2012

goodbye to summer

 we have been experiencing really beautiful weather in our neck of the woods. i don't know when the cold will start, but we are trying to get out and enjoy the sunshine while we have it. with chilly nights and mornings, with leaves falling from the trees and with the squirrels frantically collecting food; i can feel Fall. it is coming. the people in our area are quick to confirm that the winters here are bleak. we shall see, but for now feel so blessed to have these warm, bright days with my girls.

crossroads splash park, bellevue,wa

Friday, September 7, 2012

olympic peninsula

 we went camping in the olympic national park last weekend. it was so beautiful. we we so glad we got to go and experience small pieces of this part of the world. camping with kids is hard work and we all came home sick, but it was so worth it! here is a photo log of our journey.

 first we took the bainbrigde island ferry to bainbridge. we had a delicious brunch at the streamliner diner, with our bellies full of deliciousness we made our way to mara campground. our campground was a mile from rialto beach.
 we played at rialto beach. the beach was stony and full of huge pieces of driftwood. penelope collected rocks and made rock sculptures. isla cuddled with her baby.

 on our way to the hoh rainforest we stopped by big spruce (the name is self explanatory).

we picnicked at the hoh rainforest. we went on a small hike called trail of the mosses. it seems that temperate rainforests grow quite a lot of moss. also, penelope has learned how to pose, uh oh.

  don't worry, we didn't see any vampires while in Forks.
we took a walk (1.5 miles) up the beach to hole in the wall. there were a lot of really cool water and wind formed rocks there. we were also able to catch low tide and do a little tidepooling.

 hole in the wall.
 on saturday we spent most of the morning and evening at the beach. we took a drive to clallum bay, while the girls napped in the car. it was so beautiful there.

 on our drive home we went up to hurricane ridge. there we were able to see the mountainous views that we didn't see in the rainforest or at the beach.

sorry, i know this is a lot of pictures. it's my blog, though, so i do what i want. boo ya!