Monday, November 8, 2010

a show and a fall feast

penelope and i kicked off our weekend by going to a puppet show, adventures of the gingerbread man. it was performed at the marie hitchcock theater in balboa park. they always do a great job and penelope really got into it. the last time we went was for their easter show and penelope was almost 2 and she was much less attentive at that it was fun to see her respond to the show more. we got to go with my friend margie and her little boy teis. it was a great holiday adventure. we will definitely be returning for the christmas show.

on saturday bryan and i had a night out. we went to a fall feast hosted by ashlee and justin. we all pitched in and brought some favorite dishes. i was in heaven! all the food was fantastic. ashlee and justin made smoked tri-tip, twice baked potatoes, roasted carrots and roasted brussels sprouts. we all added on to that. i brought carmel apples (recipe here) for place holders, lion house bread pudding and  carrabba's bruschette (recipe here.)

 i didn't have room in my fridge for the apples, so they started melting. the carmel was great, but next time i will use dipping chocolate instead of the melted bittersweet chocolate.
my carrabba's bruschette photo by ashlee miller
  photo by ashlee miller

tira did the table decorations and little leaf broaches. it was magical.

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  1. Oh YUM! I am drooling over your little breads. I am bookmarking the recipe and I'll have to try it for a Thanksgiving appetizer. Thanks for sharing! I always know I will be so inspired whenever I check in with your blog.


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