Sunday, December 27, 2009

handmade christmas '09

we had a great christmas this year! it was a tad stressful, with the big move looming, but it was enjoyable. we got to see family and relax a little. i have some great pictures to share, but i probably won't get those up until the move. here is one, however that my cousin jordan took at the white family christmas party! i heart Polaroids.

i didn't have as much time this year to make handmade gifts. bryan and i had grand plans of making puzzles on the laser cutter, but after a day full of mishaps, we ditched that idea. maybe next year! i did get a little bag of farm animal finger puppets for peny and her cousins! i thought they could play with them in church, or use them to sing old macdonald had a farm... e-i-e-i-o. here they are... i know they look a little like aliens...


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

merry christmas

here is our christmas card! i would love to send one to you if you would like to get me your address. otherwise use this post as me wishing you a merry christmas! it is a wonderful time of year!


more new things!

more new things....

the super thick headband/earwarmer...this one was a custom job, but they are so sticking popular, i am planning on selling these in the shop too when i reopen.

another hair clip. i made a handful of these for myleka for helping out with p while we were in san diego...i thought i would keep one myself...he he! these will be in the shop when i reopen!


press on the current housing crisis

this is an npr story done on my aunt and uncle in glendale, az. i know every one knows someone, or many people effected by this current housing crisis. this story hits close to home. i hope you listen to it! the full version of the story will air on christmas day. ..


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

thanksgiving with the sparks'

i totally missed posting about thanksgiving this year. the last month has been quite busy and i haven't been able to blog as much as i would have liked. we had thanksgiving with the sparks' this year! it was great fun. i didn't get very many pictures of the gathering, but on the friday after we went to flow rider up in ogden and got to knee board and surf! it was so much fun. we went with kirk & tanner. here are the pics from that.

here i am on one of my turns. SKILL!!

and bryan...he was much more skilled than me so...SKILLx2!!
we had fun!


a little this and a little that

here are some pics of some new things that i have made. i am definitely putting the hair clips, baby hat and thicker ear warmers up in the shop when i re open it in january.

the doggy sweater!

blooming cap for a toddler

and the wider earwarmer..mmm!

hair clip as seen in the bazaar post

and a blooming slouchy in white, black and grey.


moving to sandiego

bryan graduates in a couple of days!!! wahoo. he was offered a sweet job at kyocera wireless in san diego and we decided to accept! so, we took a trip out to california to find a place to live. finding an apartment in san diego is considerably easier than finding one in NYC. we found a great apartment and we will head down on the 30th! i will really miss provo and being close to family, but we are excited for this adventure!

here are some pics from our apartment searching trip...we didn't get any of our new digs, but i will post those once we move.

bryan's new place of employment

on a pier

still on the pier..we chose a terrible week to go to was rainy and cold, but we still rocked it!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

pics of the BAZAAR

thank you myleka for taking these pictures. i forgot my camera! the beehive bazaar was so much fun this year. here are a couple of fun shops! i wanted to take pictures of EVERY booth, because they were all fantastic.

fun felt goodies


and heere's my booth

new hair clips!

my sign, shell cowls and puff caps

another shot of the new hair clips


Thursday, December 3, 2009


come check out a great craft show! buy your christmas goodies and all!

Friday, November 27, 2009

i heart spark!

it has been a while since i went to spark and did a little show and telling! i was SO sad that i wasn't able to stay for saturday's events (i had to get everything going for the bijou market,) but from what i experienced on friday it was a truly great happening. i met so many great artists! the ladies in charge really did an amazing job making each activity creative and fun, they put so much work into it and i am excited to see the future of the event.

the swag bag was full of wonderful freebies! new scissors and papers and stamps and so much more.

here are some pictures of the set up and my table.