Wednesday, August 31, 2011

template for animal onsies

remember this onsie project from tira's shower? i promised to get you the templates that judy and i put together.

here they are


first, download and print the sheet from the link above. 
second, apply heat and bond to the back of your selected fabrics. 
third, cut out the design you want using the template.
fourth, peel off the paper backing and iron it in place
fifth, zig-zag stitching around each design. 

have fun! if you use them, i would LOVE to see pictures.

*these designs are meant for personal use only and cannot be copied for profit.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

on my mind

i took the above pictures as product photos for these little headbands. she is just too cute.

here are things i'm thinking about:

1. why is isla regressing with her night-time sleep habits? it's frustrating
2. what does it take to get a baby to take a bottle? isla is refusing a bottle....and i am seeing date night dwindling away.
3. that pile of papers and receipts that need needs immediate attention.
4. my work space needs sorting. and my home  in general needs a good sorting/throwing out day.
5. i loved going jogging this morning. why can't i remember that i love it more often?
6. i know i wasn't built for home schooling. i salute those mom's who choose to do it, and do it well. i know i will cry when p goes off to school, but i know that she will do better there than she would here. i, however, am going to attempt to do some preschooling from home this year. i am planning on having her go to preschool next year, so that she can have 1 year of structured preschool before kindergarten. my friend ashlee, who is a super home-schooling mom, has forwarded on a few preschool packets (links-here & here) that we will use along with our usual field trips (zoo, beach, aquarium, free museum Tuesdays, etc.) and crafting activities. if you have advice for me, send it my way. i am excited, but nervous that i will drop the ball...

now we're off to enjoy this lovely weather.


Friday, August 26, 2011

projects for my girlies

here are a few projects i've run across that i would enjoy doing for my girls. we will see which of them i have time for, but i think they all are worth sharing.

 from sew liberated found on pintrest via Stacey Gula Hooper

i love the rug (braided from old t-shirts) and the tent in this room(made from a hanging hula hoop.) what a great space for kids. i am not sure where the cute hanging tent will be located yet, but i really think it is magical and belongs in our house.

img source
penelope would totally be into this! i am sure we could find an old tv stand somewhere. it would need to be fairly small, but i think we could make it happen.

this must be made for  miss isla may before summer is over. we still have a few more months of summer weather, so i have time.
i have been wanting to make a chore chart for penelope, but i haven't been sure of what chores would be appropriate. i came across this chore chart and i fell in love. she already does most of the tasks listed, but this is a way she can get credit for doing them and feel proud of her accomplishments like making her bed, getting dressed, clearing her dishes, grooming and putting away her toys.
i really want to do this memory game for penelope with all my left over fabric scraps.  this one might end up under the christmas tree... with a fabric activity book for isla.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

necklaces in the shop

i am slowly updating my shop. i added some necklaces yesterday and one of them made it into this red hot treasury. i am excited to get some new hats, some new clips and baby things in the shop for fall! it still feels so much like summer here that i've forgotten that cool weather is right around the corner. i am excited/nervous to see how this fall/winter go for me. business usually picks up quite a bit, which is great, but i've never done it with 2 kids. we shall see, i may need to hire another crochet artist. any takers? i am also going to be rethinking my shipping process. anyway, if any of you business owning moms have advice, i would love to hear it. xoxo!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the rest of our ut trip

i mentioned before that my brother was leaving on a mission for our church. we were able to spend a few days with him before he left. it was great to be able to see all my family, minus 1 brother who couldn't get away from work:(.

and now for the photo dumb...drum roll please.

 played in some water

and the day he leaves:
 pen wouldn't take the shades off.
 meg and zach
 mom & dad with z
 J&A family with z
 awe, cute!
 z with his nephews and nieces
 isla was the most sad to see him leave

the end

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

bear lake with the sparks/lemmon crew

we went to bear lake for a little camp out while we were in utah. we went with bryan's family and it was a blast. it was fun for p to play with her cousins, aunts and uncles and it was great for isla to meet them for the first time. we were tent camping and that was a first for me with kids. we spent a lot of time at the beach hanging out and riding wave runners. it was good to catch up and relax. the girls were great campers...BUT isla was definitely done when we left.

thank you to the sparks, swans, lemmons & hiltons for a great time!

and now for the photo dump.

 in our tent:

on the beach:
did i tell you isla may loves to blow spit bubbles?

 on the beach

photo by krystal swan
photo by krystal swan
penelope and isla with their cousins