Thursday, November 18, 2010

today i am thankful for...

when this week started i had intended on blogging so much more, but here we are at thursday and i have posted one time. this has been a good week, albeit busy. i am very excited for the weekend & the relaxation that comes along with the weekend. i am also very excited to have a craft night with some friends, where i will hopefully be able to pound out some christmas gifts. i am planning on adding my bow necklaces and new ear warmers to the shop, so keep your eye out for that. 

today i am thankful for:

1. kisses from miss p
2. a girl who loves to help me cook and dances whenever she hears music
3. a girl who loves to build forts and watch astroboy with her dad
4. etsy sales
5. family, family, family
6. in 'n' out cheeseburgers, animal style please....don't judge.
7. president dieter uchtdorf and the conference issue of the ensign
8. josie's seedless clementines from TJ's & orange season! yum!
9. the library. i don't know what we would do if we couldn't checkout library books frequently, not to mention the preschool story time they offer. we love it
10. recipes online for anything i might be craving (cobb salad)

P.S. did i mention that bryan got a summons for jury service...which reminds me again of this:

may you all have a crafty and beautiful weekend!

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  1. I'm totally craving cobb salad today!
    Super jealous of the in 'n out....I too am an animal style girl;)
    You're so cute!


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