Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fabric cover for book or notebook

this is a little tutorial on how to make fabric covers for books or notebooks. i made some for my scriptures and they are super cute. enjoy.

step 1

measure height of book this is measurement “A”

measure width of book this is measurement “B”

 using a fabric measuring tape measure around the whole book this will be measurement “C”

step 2

cut fabric

height= A + 1 3/4”
width = C+B+1 3/4”

step 3

fold top and bottom of fabric under 1/4” and again 1/2”. topstitch.

 fold right and left sides under 1/4” and again 1/2”. topstitch.

step 4

fold  both the right and left sides under 1/2 of measurement B and pin into place. this is making the side flaps that your book covers will slip into. stitch 1/16” from the edge on the top and bottom of each side flap.

all done

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  1. I just made a very similar cover for my daughter's daytimer planner. I added a fabric covered elastic to hold it together. I sewed the ends of the elastic piece to the center of the spine area and covered with a bit of fabric so it would look neat. Also added a layer of cotton batting (the really thin stuff) as the daytimer's covers aren't very stiff. Love your fabric choice on the photo.


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