Tuesday, November 16, 2010

queen bee and our weekend

we've had my brother and his wife visiting san diego this week, which has been great, but i haven't been too good about blogging.

here is our weekend recap:

on friday we had queen bee madness at the sparks' house. i wasn't really stressed about the market until friday and then i was in a bit of a panic. i had to set up solo for the first time. i am grateful for friends who are willing to help me out with display and childcare. it all came together and i had a really great time. the market was well attended and had a lot of wonderful vendors. i bought a few of the goodies on my wish list :). on friday night i was there for about 3 hours. tira and ashlee came up and browsed/shopped with me and then we went out for dessert. i had a lot of fun! bryan's been working late quite a lot lately, so it was good to get some time out. sadly i didn't get any pictures of the event (i am a serious airhead when i get stressed.) there are a lot of good recaps with pictures on the market's website.

on saturday bryan and i had a leadership training meeting in the early A.M. and then we headed up to del mar (where the fair was.) we checked out the market again and then we went to a park by the ocean and relaxed.

 at the park p mainly wanted to run, jump and look at bugs...this was fine by me.
after we took down the booth we walked along the cliffs and watched the sunset. it was wonderful.
queen bee remains

we finished the day by going to dinner with chris and myleka (previously mentioned brother and his wifee) and her sister and her sister's husband. we went to an italian restaurant in del mar called el fornaio. it was good, but i am convinced there is better in little italy.

we have been partying straight for the last 2 days and i have made the decision that we would stay in our pjs/sweats all day tomorrow & only leave the house to do laundry ...and maybe take p to the playground.


  1. I attended the Queen Bee Market and I thought your booth was great. All your stuff was cute and wearable. I had a hard time picking just one item. I ended up getting one of your hats.

  2. I hope your attending the Holiday Renegade! I bought your mustard color hair piece last renegade which I love! I should also mention I get plenty of compliments :)

    Can't wait to purchase my next item xoxo


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