Sunday, November 28, 2010

17 weeks

penelope wanted some pictures of her tummy as well. she is too cute. 

well, there's not a whole lot to update you all on.

1. i can't sleep. at. all.
2. penelope is calling the girl. if it's a boy she may have to stop that.
3. baby is now 5 in from crown to rump and weighs about 5 oz.
4. i have felt the baby quite a lot this week...excitement.
5. i am waiting on making name lists until we find out the sex.
6. i am feeling way more emotionally stable, which is AMAZING. i don't think i ever was that bad, but i feel a lot happier and much less moody, which makes life much more pleasant for all involved.
7. i feel enormous, even though i may not look enormous yet.
8. i am definitely going to make the babe a granny square blanket. here are my 2 options.

#1 if i have a boy i would like to do a granny blanket with a green or blue base color like this beautiful afghan from mettes potteri
#2 if i have a girl i want to do a mainly yellow and white flower granny square blanket like this one from garn studio


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  1. You guys are so cute. I love Penny's tummy. We missed you at Thanksgiving! But I'm glad you had some family close and that you had a good one.


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