Friday, July 9, 2010

i made some cushions

this one is 20x20"

this one is 16x24"

i crocheted these pillows this week. they will be up for sale at the renegade craft fair in L.A. it is only 2 weeks away and i am getting very excited for it. it will be a new and fun adventure.

bryan says he doesn't want me to sell them, but i am planning on making us a pair for our couch once this event is over. the list of things i am planning on making after the renegade is growing scarily long....(p's quilt, cushion for myleka, p's crocheted blanket, baby blankets with crocheted edging, cushion for me, a duck, a gift for an upcoming baby, a gift for a 1 year old, a hanging organizer...the list goes on...yikes.)

i am super into chevron designs and the colors yellow and nice.

i hope you enjoy them.



  1. they are so pretty! love the colours!

  2. favorite colors right there. these look amazing! great job.

  3. These are stunning!!! better then i dreamed!!!! I'm so in love with them!


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