Tuesday, March 30, 2010


sometimes i feel like i am making NO progress on anything. i have so many projects that i haven't finished, so many goals i would like to accomplish, a list of places i would like to go and things i would like to do with my B & P. i get down and frustrated. but this is only sometimes. when i feel this way it helps me to make a small dent in my big dreams and say this is progress. last night i completed 2 more rows on afgan for p, this afgan's due date is christmas. i have plenty of time to finish it if i take small steps and make progress.

things i need to remember about goal setting:

give yourself plenty of time to complete a goal
baby steps
don't expect too much
you are loved


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  1. I feel the same way . . . baby step(love that, I refered to them on my last post too:)

    That is a beautiful blanket!


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