Monday, February 22, 2010

no one told me a twin was so BIG

bryan and i have been thinking of moving penelope into a twin sized bed. our goal is for her birthday, so we have a couple of months. i decided to make her a patchwork quilt. i have a really great idea for a patchwork/applique design...i am super excited, but also super nervous. i haven't made many quilts in my life and only 2 pieced quilts!

i started on saturday. i only had to cut 60 pieces on my own, because i got some great vintage pieces pre-cut. i started sewing my rows and MAN-o-MAN twin quilts are big! i kept thinking, " this is massive." i was going to make bryan & me a quilt for our queen and i am having second thoughts now. BUT i figure that if i take it slow, then it won't seen so time sucking. so far i have all the blocks sewn into rows! my next step will be to press the seems & sew the rows together.

i will keep you posted!



  1. it looks so pretty! can't wait to see the finished product! i love the green and white floral print you added in.

  2. I love the colors! And, even though a twin seems huge when you're sewing, Penny will like it. We put Linc in a twin instead of a toddler bed, and he thinks it's the greatest thing ever. His own little space.


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