Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i may be going bonkers

to whom it may concern:

i may have lost my mind! i am not sure where it went, but if you find it...please keep it safe until after the renegade craft fair is over. otherwise i may loose it again.

emily sparks

but seriously...i am excited about this upcoming event. i have not done a craft fair like it (in that i am manning my own booth accepting money and all that) to date. i am excited to learn, but i am also a bit nervous. i think it will be a BLAST and hopefully it is a wee bit profitable as well. there will be so many amazing vendors there and it will be a challenge staying at my own booth.

i am planning to make a little wish list of things that i would like to purchase and vendors i will hope to check out. i think i should be able to post that on thursday-keep an eye out for that. after that post, there will be static on this blog until next week. hopefully i will have some good finds and pictures from the event to share with you.

here are a few things i have been preparing for the weekend.

granny square coasters

hot pads

and last of all i made a table cloth for my new (more stable) table.


  1. i can only imagine how you feel! i am so excited for you, though, and i can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. those hot pads are sooooooo amazing! completely gorgeous.

  3. Came across your blog through Cakies recommendation from the Renegade Fair. I have never seen crocheting look so cool and so un-grannyish. Really keen to learn to crochet, but to get something from your etsy in the meantime :)


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