Saturday, July 3, 2010

we went to a ball game & saw some fireworks

we got the tickets through the summer reading program at the library for last night's padres game and their fireworks spectacular. i napped penelope late in the day, so that she would be able to stay up a bit later. as soon as bryan got off work we headed downtown. it was a really quick game it was scoreless until the bottom of the 8th and the padres scored 3 runs-yay! we held the astros at zero in the top of the 9th, so the game ended without us needing to play the bottom of the 9th. and to top it all off, we had seats next to our friends the pugmire's, so it was fun to have company.

penelope LOVED the fire works show. it was a really fun family adventure and was a great kick off to our 4th of july weekend.



  1. could penelope be any cuter? i dont think so. :)
    you are one blessed mama!

  2. i feel so sad when people mention that their kids still take naps. where, oh where have my daughter's naps gone?!?! i miss them. baseball games are awesome, though.


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