Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my weekend

one of my cute customers

wow, what a weekend! we had a great couple of days up at the renegade craft fair. i was so excited to be a part of this event. ever since i went to the renegade craft fair last summer in brooklyn, i've been wanting to be a vendor at one of their events.

after months of preperation and stressing, we packed up and went to LA. i shared a booth with susan and scored one of her SWEET bow bags and an adorable stripped skirt for p. myleka came to help out and i am SO greatful for her and her company. we (me, myleka, susan & susan's posse) had some good (maybe a bit sun-baked) conversations. the days were very warm, even while sitting in the shade.

bryan entertained penelope and helped out more than i can say. thank you bryan. penelope was a gem too! our neighbor alex from rabbit stopit gave her a petite giraffe for being so good. thank you alex! ps i REALLY want a giraffe growth chart...so pretty.

we had a great turn out. there where a lot of people buzzing around, enjoying the handmade goodness. AND YES we did see a celebrity there... ask susan about it.

i got to meet and traded with some AMAZING vendors. i met rubyellen of one of my favorite blogs, my cakies, and got some sweet crowns and a cameo clip i plan to wear to bryan's brother's wedding next week. i met kimberly and lusted after her beautiful cross-stitched goodness (definitely getting some in the future.) i also got a rad sweatshirt from kandace at mnkr. i also got to chat with eva jorgenson of sycamore street press and realized that as a young printmaker at BYU i would buy paper from eva working in the paper stock room - crazy connection.

it was a good weekend, allbiet very tiring. hope you were able to stop by!

we are going on vacation next week and i have many a gift to make, so i must get to work.


  1. Yes!! Renegade. It was so much fun. Your blog is so cute :)

  2. hi emily! i love LOVE my emily sparks goodies and if you are up for a trade, let me know... cause i am!!! xoxo

  3. hey, cute blog! i follow "freshly picked" and realized from her blog post that i "met" you gals on saturday. I was the one with the panting and overheating english bulldog named chloe. your booth was darling - tons of cute stuff. keep it up! :)

  4. hi :)
    your granny squares are BEAUTIFUL! I need to step up my granny square game :)

  5. you did so great! i am glad we got to go!


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