Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bowed skirt

i made this elastic waist skirt for my brother-in-law's wedding. we are supposed to wear a black skirt and white or blue shirt. i am still working on my shirt, but i wore the skirt to church and i love it. i REALLY love pockets. i used susan's tutorial found here, the pockets were way easier than i thought they would be. the whole skirt took less than an hour to make. i used 3" elastic instead of the 2" and i made a long sash to make a bow in the front, so it hides the elastic.

in this pic i am wearing it with my new shirt from the anthropologie clearance rack...loving the stripes.

penelope really wanted in on the photoshoot. so here she is...



  1. I think I missed something. Who's getting married?

  2. ha, I just read it again, Brother IN-LAW! I love the skirt by the way.


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