Monday, July 19, 2010

some penelope news

penelope has been into pretending she is asleep. she gets a pillow and blanket and fakes that she is asleep. i think this is hilarious, because she adds snoring noises and everything, but WON'T close her eyes all the way. she looks a little like she is scowling and snoring at you.

also, isn't she soo cute in her headband that she REFUSES to wear unless bribed with candy....wait!?!? i don't bribe my daughter with candy...



  1. adorable!!!
    i love that first one of her in the headband. she could be a model! she's so beautiful.

  2. oh my gosh she looks SO adorable!!

  3. I love that little Penelope! Aren't kids funny? Hopefully we get to see you guys while you're here in August!


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