Friday, July 23, 2010

renegade craft fair

we are off to the renegade craft fair! if you live in california, please come and stop by. it is sure to be a great time. they have crafts for kids and music and food and many great vendors. i think we may also hit up sprinkles or another cupcakery in LA. any suggestions?

it has been a goal of mine to participate in renegade and so, i am excited to be there livin' the dream. i am excited to share with you the pictures and experiences next week. wish us luck!

here are some of the things i am excited about:

i am excited to be sharing a booth with susan of freshly picked and to be near her beautiful stuff for 2 full days

sycamore street press-excited to see all of their goodness

this chevron key hook by timber!
beautiful mobiles by baraka inc

a cupcake at ticings

i am obsessing about this rebe diaper bag

nan lawson poster

have a swell weekend! xoxo


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  1. Hi Emily!

    I was also a vendor at the show this weekend and I picked up your card at your booth. Love your stuff and your daughter is so adorable! I see you were an Indie Biz student like me! Keep it up!


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