Friday, July 16, 2010

this week: the sun, the sick & 26

this week has flown by.

the sun came out this week and it really warmed up the west coast. we have done really well with no a/c, just a ceiling fan for circulation up to this point. we live close enough to the ocean that no one in our area has air conditioning. but the heat has really turned up and we have decided that we need to go buy a fan or 3... in the meantime i am trying to brainstorm some dinner ideas taht require minimal cooking/oven. any ideas?

i am thinking about using my new ikea popsicle molds this weekend. check out some of these fun recipes on ohdeedoh.

we went to the beach for a corn roast which was delish! thank you ashlee & fam.

we have been swimming at our pool 2x.

i went up to girls camp to enjoy some time with my young women...they put on quite the skit night.

i have been sick...i got the cold that penelope had last week. so, that has been a bit of a bummer. i haven't felt a whole lot like doing anything, but i have persevered. my work, however, has slowed down and i am worried about being ready for renegade. if all my ideas work out, it should be pretty amazing.

in other news... it was my birthday on wednesday. i tuned 26. i don't have a lot to say about that. i did get some rockin' gifts like this Cuisinart ice cream maker...which i am STOKED about . i will for sure be making some Delicious frozen treats this weekend.

i also, got some great non-stick pans that will be used daily, i am sure.

on my birthday P & i got together with my friends ashlee, tira and their boys for a adventure. ashlee made yummy pizzas and tira made amazing was good eating in the miller house. we made camera straps...mine needs a little embroidery, but tira's has this picture posted on her blog.

didn't tira's turn out CUTE!


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