Friday, July 2, 2010

have a great 4th

i am DYING to show you my matching 4th of july attire for p & me. i haven't finished them yet, so maybe tomorrow or sunday. i am also making some 4th of july goodies with the help of my sweet p, so i think i will share those with you too!

this is what i made her last year for the 4th in NYC. the 4th of july in NYC was...AMAZING. let's see how san diego measures up.

i have always loved the 4th of july. i love the color red. i love America. i love all the picnicing, swimming and warm weathered adventured that unfold.

...And i love that my birthday is just 10 days after it. :)!

i hope you all have a fabulous weekend and really enjoy some time off (hopefully you all get a little time off.) i count my time with bryan as time off, because he shares the parenting with me and makes it SO much easier.

let the adventures begin.

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