Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NYC post no. 1: the arrival

bryan got an internship in NYC!!! i am so proud of him. a lot of places aren't even taking interns this summer, so we were very excited for this opportunity. his internship is with curveid, they are a really good product design firm. SO, this summer we will be in nyc.

we left utah on monday the 25th of may...driving. as soon as we left utah and entered wyoming we ran into some pretty bad weather and had to pull of the road for an hour...the hail stopped, but the rain NEVER did. our pace was a little slower than planned so we ended up getting to our reserved hotel at 2:30am both monday and tuesday nights. it was a very long drive. penelope was pretty cooperative, but it was hard on her. next time we come out we will not be driving...ha ha! we got to chris and myleka's home at 9pm on wednesday the 27th. chris and myleka are super nice to let us stay with them (chris is selling security systems on long island).




taking a break from driving to spread dandy lion seeds!

at chris & myleka's! yay! penelope loves their cute dogs winny and ginger!

friendly's is a great ice cream shop in long island.

bryan and i went into new york on thursday(28th) & friday(29th), monday(30th) to look for an apartment. we finally found a great place to live. we finally got to move in today! bryan had a 90 min. commute to work for one week, so he is very excited to be in the city. penelope and i got to hang out with myleka during the days and it was great! we went to the beach, shopping and to the renegade craft fair! FUN!

chris & penny on the beach

penny & bryan walking on the beach

penelope collecting rocks.
i bought a tee for penny & bryan

myleka got these sweet earrings and one of the headbands from below

pretty things

penny at the park by our new apartment
so far bryan really likes his job. he works in a building that is shared with the louis vuitton headquarters and the ralph lauren head quarters. the cafateria was full of salad eating models. their office has a great window looks out on the statue of liberty and the other looks out on the empire state building. we are in new york baby!

*****tomorrow i will be blogging about our new apartment*****


  1. Well you know...if you can make it here you can make it anywhere...N.Y., New York, New York.

  2. Living the dream! Thanks for the blog ... fun to live it with you as much as I can.


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