Wednesday, March 24, 2010

sea world and yesterday's excitements

we went to sea world with justin, anna, josh & nathan. i haven't ever been to sea world and i got a kick out of it. the shows were very entertaining and the kids play area was AMAZING. penelope loves having her cousin josh to play with...most of the time!

this is the star fish ride... kind of like the tea cups at disney land. p thought it was the GREATEST and she laughed the whole time. i love her laugh:)!

p was so excited to see big bird! she ran right up and waved at him, but she wasn't so fond of the idea of big bird touching her (?) justin jumped in and mediated!

squishy blocks

the shamu show

after the zoo, we headed over to beautiful south park for a scoop at the daily scoop (this time i had cash.) it was delish! i will be returning.

arts and crafts news: all my projects have been put on hold this week.

once the partying stops, i will be finishing easter basket liners and i am also going to post a pattern for a crocheted easter/spring toy, once i figure out what i am going to make p.

also, check out this peeps topper download! i think this is exciting, but i may just be excited about eating the peeps...both excite me.


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  1. I love the one of Penny looking up while eating the ice cream cone. She's so cute.

    I am a big fan of peeps as well. :)


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