Friday, March 12, 2010

gold and green

in honor of st. patty's (& because gold is my favorite and green is my MORE favorite...both favorite,) i may or may not be posting A LOT of gold & green things as the week progresses. i thought i would include a couple of greats. right now!

these beautiful necklaces are from 2 belles and a bead. i found a lot of things that i heart at this shop, i will keep the number to 2 today....but expect more on another an orange day...since orange is favorite too;)!

AND i am planning on being green in 2 ways by making an air freshener for my car & one for my penelope's diaper pale... i think i will fill the diaper pale one full of baking soda for some dual action odor elimination!?!? whoot, whoot for design sponge DIY! here is the link for this tutorial.


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  1. cool! i like the tree idea for the air freshener. i made some little "pouch" looking ones a few months ago. definitely not as cute :/ haha


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