Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a few things

a few things

1. p wore this dress today! AND she looked adorable.

2. i would have worn this dress if i had the cash... found at my fav. store

3. my house would have appreciated this for green day. another thing from heaven.

4. i had to go to the dentist AND the doctor today, so it hasn't been my favorite day on record. However, i didn't have cavities and the weird bump that has been on my eyelid for months isn't anything a few drops can't fix...things could have been worse:)!

5. we got news that p will have her first girl cousin this summer...woot, woot!

6. the weather has been amazing! yesterday it was great too...and hopefully the sun stays and the rains stays away:)! today i would have gone to the pool if i hadn't had to run around so much. but p and i are going out to the playground for a bit and i think it will be great.

7. p has to go to the dentist tomorrow...sad. i think we will go here after. and get one of these. i remember when i was little my mom would take me and my sibs out for a treat after dental check-ups and i fully intend on continuing that tradition with my wee ones.
i heart mexican style popsicles...always have. i hear viva pops are the BEST in san diego...mmm

8. i made the most delicious irish soda bread
and i am taking a loaf to share with the young women in my ward tonight.

9. last of all i hope you all had a famously wonderful day, and if you didn't tomorrow is a new day and i prescribe you a a popsicle... it will make you feel better.

10. happy st. patrick's day... AND i am off to the park.



  1. Great job on making that cute dress! It's simply amazing!


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