Wednesday, March 31, 2010

our most valuable piece of furniture

bryan did some research on our tv stand. it is actually a brasilia broyhill mid-century modern buffet table. bry found out that it is worth 800+ dollars in good shape...or not painted red :)! we found this at the d.i. when we were engaged and fell in love. we snagged it and painted it red, which i love. we don't have a really expensive collection of furnishings we either got it at d.i. or ikea, so it was fun to see that we had made a good choice. this piece is really well made and i LOVE the beautiful lines and the proportions on the piece. maybe when we grow up we will refinish it, so it looks like it was intended to.



  1. i love it. and i love that its red. :)

  2. i love it too, so cute. red is the perfect color for furniture in my opinion!

    i really enjoy reading your blog and especially appreciate all of your fun tutorials! thanks so much for sharing your know-how! :) my sister in law is having a shower soon for my tiny newborn niece, i think i am going to use your instructions to make her some dresses!!!!

    (oh and we live in Redlands, about an hour & 1/2 north-east of san diego... i love it!)


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