Monday, March 22, 2010

bryan left!

i am a single mom...for a week. while bryan is in vegas on a business trip, p and i are playing tourists!

i got this pic of bryan sporting some SWAG from kyocera (i have the cutest boy friend.)

-today we went to the zoo. we almost froze our tails off and i didn't bring jackets and then we were going to get a cupcake at daily scoop, but they stopped accepting credit cards and i didn't have cash... so we ditched that. our tourism has been pretty unsuccessful so far.

-BUT we have the whole week and i am excited about tomorrow, because justin, anna and the boyZ are coming to visit and we are going to sea world and hopefully children's pool! i am STOKED!


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  1. Let's go back to the Daily Scoop later this week. It has been on my list too. Is your family here the rest of the week? If not, let's make a plan! Also, I don't have any tips on hair color...I have not done it since I moved to San Diego but I am ready to add more blonde in. :) Let me know if you find someone good!


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