Monday, March 29, 2010

the easter baskets

when i was in my basket weaving class 3+ years ago i had a plan to make us easter never happened (i also planned on making up a bassinet for p when i was pregnant and that never got made either. last year i gave up on me ever getting around to making the baskets and i got a couple of baskets on clearance the day before easter. this year i DID get around to making our baskets liners to spruce them up a bit.

here is mine and bryan's

here is p's

i thought i would include a rough tutorial to make one of your own if you would like. this is super rough, but you can get the idea.

you will need:
tape measure
double folded bias tape

step 1: cut a piece of fabric 1/2 in larger than the inside base of your basket (i used newsprint to make a template first.)

step 2: on the inside of the basket measure from the base to the rim and add 1 in, this will be measurement A. now measure around the inside of the basket along the upper rim (or the widest part,) this will be measurement B. now divide measurement B in Half and add 1 in, this will be measurement C. cut 2 pieces that are A x C. these are your inner rim pieces.

step 3: measure from the upper rim of your basket down to wherever you would like the liner to hit on the outside of your basket (i just measured 1/2 of the way down) and add 1/2 in, this will be measurement D. now measure along the outer rim of your basket from the edge of one handle to the edge of the next handle and add 1 1/2 in, this will be measurement E. cut 2 pieces D x E.

step 4: with the pieces you just cut fold each of the short ends under 1/4 in" and then again 1/2" and top stitch. now you will have a nice finished edge. these are your outer rim pieces.

step 5: take the one outer rim piece and one inner rim piece. with right sides together, line each of the top edges up and center the outer rim piece from step 4 on the inner rim piece from step 2 (the outer rim piece should be shorter.) pin in place and sew with 1/2 in inseam. repeat with the other 2 pieces.

step 6: take the 2 pieces from step 5 and match them up with eachother with right sides together. stitch 1/2 in inseam up the 2 raw edges of the inner rim piecs. ***DO NOT SEW SHUT THE 2 OUTER RIM PIECES. now open up the liner and pin down the raw edges of the inner liner pieces on the sides (where the handles will come out and there is no outer liner piece) zig zag stitch them down.

step 7: attach your 1/2 in bias tape to the bottom edges of your outer liner pieces leaving at least 5 in on each end to tie with (more if you would like to tie a bow.) pin in place and fold under the ends of the bias tape. now top stitch the bias tape closed making sure to get both the front and the back of the tape with your stitching.

now would be a good time to try the rim on your basket and make sure that it fits.

step 8: attach the basket bottom! place good sides together and pin the bottom of the inner rim to the edges of the basket bottom piece. i had to gather mine a bit because my basket tapers. now stitch 1/2 in inseam around the base.

step 9" attach embellishments, finish seams with pinking sheers and clip all threads.

here they are in the entry of our house!

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  1. So cute! I've been wanting to make us baskets out of wood ever since we got married (almost 4 years now) and it hasn't happened either, haha. Yours are super cute though.


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