Thursday, March 4, 2010

my sweet penelope

here are pictures of my girl in a dress i made for her out of fabric from our craft night. i seriously have been meaning to write a tutorial about how to make this dress for a year! i am pretty bad at tutorials, but i am still planning on it and i will hopefully post one in a couple of weeks. she is also wearing a clip i made her at the craft hoopla!

and here is my silly girl coloring--her favorite thing to do. i seriously can't get enough of this silly girl. she brightens EVERY day. i am not even saying that to be sappy. i think she is the bee's knees. can you believe she will be 2 in a month & 3 days--wow!



  1. i would love it if you posted a tutorial on how to make that adorable dress! pretty please...

  2. she is soo cute!! and i just love the dress!!

  3. soooo cute! I'm off to order this fabric ASAP! :)


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