Monday, October 31, 2011

my magical friends


look a little blury? i wasn't wearing my glasses when i took this picture and i was SUUUPer sure i nailed it. ha ha!

here are my girlies in their halloween costumes. penelope is a fairy princess and isla is a gnome. on their costumes i made:

isla's hat, skirt, collar, shoes (inherited from p) AND penelope's wings, crown, wand, skirt and leaf belt/wand holder thing. aren't they cute! i will probably post more pictures of them from tonight's festivities tomorrow. we are having dinner with family & friends and then trick or treating. i think it will be great...if i can screw my head on right and get everything done.

i hope you all have a fantastic halloween!


  1. those costumes are adorable!! I LOVE THEM!! next year that is what I am doing for sure!! love it!

  2. Super cute! Even the blurry one ;)

  3. love. someday i will have a girl that will be all into the flower fairies and such with me....right? nice work...totally adorbs.

  4. I LOVE their costumes!! SO CUTE. Plus, they are both adorable girls!


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