Monday, October 10, 2011

natural history museum

so last night was a bad night. i didn't sleep. i don't want to do anything and i hate it when i start the week out like this. i have so many things i would love to work on, but all i really want to do is sleep--boo! 

here are some thoughts that are freaking me out:
did you know that halloween is 3 weeks away?
did you know that the next queen bee is only 5 1/5 weeks away?
did you know that i still have bunches of product photos to take and listings to make?

does anyone have tips on how to balance work and the holidays?

we are going to try to power through and get a blog post out there and then maybe i will do a pilates video, while isla naps and penelope watches sesame street, maybe that will make for a more productive afternoon?

i thought i would share some pictures from the  natural history museum. we went there last tuesday for the free residents Tuesday. it is a really great museum and we will totally hit it up next month as well, because we just couldn't see it all.  they had some really great exhibits. penelope was excited by the fossils, the animals and the interactive displays. this first picture is from the artic exhibit:

also, here are some cute pictures of my little bug:



  1. I am happy to volunteer a certain babe to help get the product pics done! And as far as balancing work/family/holidays - this is my current nemesis too. Two things that help me: #1 cut your to do list by 10% - recognize that it won't get done anyway and let it go; #2 choose how much time you will give an activity and let it be good enough as is.

  2. Really adorable babies. I like the most last pictures of your bug. So cute.. Hope you will show more photo. I am really curious.

  3. Though I have lived in San Diego for 5 years now, I still haven't taken advantage of the free admission tuesdays! I must soon, looks fun! And you have an adorable little family! :)


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