Thursday, November 3, 2011

isla's first tooth and a rattle

first line of business: isla may has a tooth...GASP! i am a little sad, because it means my baby is growing up and all that awful and terrible shtuff. she hadn't been been napping or sleeping great and she was being a little fussier than normal. i didn't even suspect teething! she's 3 months younger than p was when she grew teeth. anyway, i was letting her chew my finger a week or so ago and i felt tooth. she's been much better now that i'm aware and able to treat her gums and give Ibuprophen when she gets super fussy.

in other news: i made some giraffe baby rattles for isla and to give to baby due next month. i really like them and so does the babe. i was going to save them for christmas, but isla gets so excited by things that jingle and crinkle and make sounds in general, i could not withhold them...

the pattern is from lotta jansdotter's simple sewing for baby. to make the rattle mechanism i used bead storage containers and jingle bells from the craft store.


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