Wednesday, October 26, 2011


we skipped the pumpkin patch this year. it almost happened a few times, but the universe, it seems, did not want us to enjoy the pumpkin patch this year. i picked up a few pumpkins super cheap and we got the opportunity to put our mark on them for family night. penelope and i painted ours and bryandid a rad carving... sans the emptying out of the pumpkin, because we're lazy like that. i doubt i will let my kids wield a knife before they are 24, i got my first set of stitches whilst carving a pumpkin and i don't think i would relax enough to let my kids try it any time soon. they turned out cute. penelope drew a smiley face on hers, but because bryan and i weren't done, she kept on going and eventually covered up the smiley face. 

 can you see the smile on the pumpkin?
 this is how our youngest entertained herself. rabid? no, just like spit bubbles.
 hard at work
 and here they are. 

 penelope's lovely creation
 this one is mine. it was largely done while nursing isla, was really a combined effort.
and bryan wins the aggressive pumpkin award. grr.

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  1. Those are awesome pumpkins!

    I especially like the photo of the rabid baby, though!! ;-)


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