Monday, October 24, 2011

oh hi!
i hope you all had a fabulous weekend. we sure did. my parents and little seester were in town while my dad went to a shrink's conference in la jolla. we went to the zoo and to the pacific know, cuz' we live 5 min away. jealous? a spot we really like to go is the torrey pines glider port. it has a nice little deli and you can just sit and look out at the beauty that is the pacific. you also get to watch hang gliders and paragliders take off and float around. it's magical. i didn't get any pictures of these events, because i forgot my camera's memory card... like a champ.

ANYWAY, we had good food and a lot of fun. justin and anna came down to play too. it was just a big party.  one thing i miss about living in UT is being so close to family. family is important to me and i just miss being a short drive away from either my family or bryan's.

WAIT, did i say i didn't have any pictures? HA! punked! here are some from a little trip we took to the playground:


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