Friday, October 7, 2011

5 months

i know this is a theme of my blog, but I CAN'T BELIEVE ISLA IS GETTING SO BIG! yes, i did shout that. my little babe is 5 months old and she is just so sweet (refer to images below.) here are a few bits on the chick:

1. she sleeps great. she takes 2 naps a day. she goes down to bed at 8pm, i usually (but not always) feed her at 5 am and then she sleeps until 8 or 9 am. this schedule makes me happy.
2. she's starting to chatter a lot more- it gets increasingly louder if she's feeling left out. 
3. she's not super interested in moving around. she can roll over, but she really doesn't care to. 
4. she loves to play with her hands still. she plays with her feet too, which is too cute to handle. among other toys she likes are mommy made dollies, her squeaky giraffe and her crinkly elephant.
5. things to work on: she still doesn't take a bottle or a pacifier. 
6. we still aren't sure what color her eyes will be. they are a little green, but there's some golden colors coming in maybe hazel?
7. we are all too curious about when her hair will start to grow to even speculate what color it will be.
8. isla is a mellow gal, she loves to cuddle with all of us, and she is so very interested in her big sister.

we love you isla may!


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