Monday, September 19, 2011

weekend in pictures

this weekend was a good one. we did and still do have a sick baby. she has a cold, which is such a bummer. she is such a good sport about it. i made 2 different kinds of bread from my peter reinhart book. i made the rustic bread and the chocolate babka. we ate up our rustic bread with meats, cheeses and bruschetta. delish...maybe too many carbs, but hey, when it rains it pours at our house. the chocolate babka was rich and heavenly. i am pretty sure p and were the only ones to eat this bread (i ended up tossing a bit, to get rid of the temptation. ha ha!) i think i will try this bread with a cinnamon/brown sugar mix next time and drizzle a glaze over it. mmmm!

besides eating tons of bread and nursing a little sicky, i was working on a little project, i will tell you more about later, on friday and saturday. it was so good to get it done and i am excited to show it to you! 

i also got a jump start on the girls' halloween costumes. they aren't going to be really time intensive, but the sooner we can get them done the better.

we went on a little outing on saturday evening, because i didn't want to cook. we went to the pb fish shop. it's a winner. we got mahi mauhi tacos with fish shop seasoning. i just love this place. it was first recommended to us by ashlee.

now for some pictures...


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