Friday, September 9, 2011

sleeping dress

penelope's been a little jealous of isla's nightgowns. p has turned into a big time girly girl and all she wants to wear is dresses and skirts. when p saw these dresses that could be worn to bed, she immediatly asked me to make her one. that was a couple of months ago, but i've been busy and my sewing machine's been in the shop for a month. i was going to put it together yesterday after i picked up my machine, BUT the power went out...all over san diego (more about this after the pictures.) so, i made her one this morning.

penelope was really cheesing up this photo shoot! she's too cute. 

ANYWAY, we were without power from 3:30 pm to 1:00AM. as soon as the power went out we headed down to the pool. our house doesn't have A/C and doesn't need it most of the time, but we've been having a hot spell and it was like 98 degrees outside when our fans turned off! i could feel it getting hotter by the minute, so we were out o' there. many people in our complex had the same idea, to head to the pool, and so we got to visit with our neighbors. it was nice.

the main thing i was worried about was all my food going bad and my nice neighbors went and stood in line to get me a bag of ice. thank you garret an elizabeth!

we had a little pizza party at the pool and then at bed time we headed home. p was a little freaked out with the lights out, but we had flashlights and candles to make the bedtime routine happen.

the whole experience made bryan and i assess our preparedness level. if this outage had gone longer than it did, would we have been ok? we've been making a list of things that we need to get together for emergencies. bry and i have 72 hour kits, but we don't have them for the girls here's the list i am using to get them together. we have enough water for a while, but we need more food storage.  although this experience was short and no harm was done, it was a good learning experience for us.

i hope you all have a great weekend. do you have any fun plans? give me some good ideas

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