Thursday, September 15, 2011

new menu board

bryan and i made this chalk board this past weekend. i wanted a menu board to help in my organization. i also really need to make my kitchen cuter. i spend too much time in this room for it to be as ugly as it currently is...
i have some fun plans and i will keep you all posted. 

i got this vintage frame way back when i took my framing class at BYU. the BYU MOA (Museum Of Art) re-frames a lot of pieces that come into a new exhibition. the old frames get tossed. i salvaged a few of them and bryan and i used them to decorate our first apartment, but i've not used them since. i was thinking of painting it yellow or turquoise, but bryan recommended we keep the vintage gold. i think it turned out cute. my handwriting needs a little works, but hey NBD.


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  1. Cute! I used mine for a poster about enrichment and everyone loved it and couldn't believe I had made it. I am out to wow at these non crafty folks with my crafty ways...I miss you! Maybe we can do virtual craft night...hmmm that maybe could work!


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